Exiting Student Enrollments Reminder

All students MUST be exited from State Synergy with an exit date on or before 6/30/2023. This includes students attending year-round programs.

Finding students who need to be exited can be done in the Attending Student Details Report in NEO Student Data, Student Reports. This report can be filtered using the “Exit Date” column, student with blanks in this column need to be exited.

Exit codes for students who are returning, graduating, moving, etc., can be found on the Synergy Instructions tile of the Helpdesk page. The Student Exit Data Dictionary contains exit codes for varying situations. Proper exit codes will help ensure that graduation and dropout data are accurate in the fall.

Students who have concurrent enrollments will need to be exited from their concurrent enrollment before primary enrollments can be exited.

Synergy ’22-’23 will only be open until Tuesday, August 15th and then will be rolled over to the ’23-’24 school year. This will lock all ’22-’23 data.

If you have any issues exiting your students, please contact MEDMS.Helpdesk@maine.gov or call 207-624-6896.

For training in how to exit students please contact our Data Quality Trainer – Alexandra.Cookson@maine.gov or call 207-446-3897