Join the #LoveMaineSchools Movement!


The 2023 County Teachers of the Year cohort (CTOYs) want to share your amazing stories! During the 2023-2024 academic school year, the 2023 CTOYs will collect and share positive stories from Maine educators to elevate the teaching profession and connect with a variety of audiences. The group of teachers plan to showcase and distribute stories, images, and videos that capture the exceptional efforts of our magnificent Maine educators as they engage students in dynamic learning opportunities.

The group is trying to reach people across Maine,  any and everyone invested in Maine schools including teachers, parents, business partners, policymakers, and community members.

#LoveMaineSchools is the platform for educators to share their passion and spark conversations celebrating positive stories. A new monthly theme, intentionally broad and open to interpretation, will invite participation from all grade levels and content areas.  For instance, when the theme is “Making Connections,” submissions can effortlessly explore various aspects of creating links with individuals, families, communities, subject matter, content, and curriculum, among other possibilities. This flexible approach promotes active participation and allows diverse and imaginative interpretations of monthly themes. They want to hear from you and your school community!

As the hashtag #LoveMaineSchools gains momentum and reaches more people, they expect more teachers to share voices and stories.

Submit your stories at

You can see the positive messaging and stories the group has already begun sharing by following their Facebook and Instagram pages.

As part of their year of service in the Teacher of the Year Program, Maine’s State and County Teachers of the Year serve as advocates for teachers, students, and public education in Maine. They also receive ongoing professional learning and participate in many state and county leadership opportunities. For more information about the Maine Teacher of the Year program, visit the Maine Teacher of the Year website