Community of Practice: Building High-Quality Transitions to Kindergarten

Community of Practice (coP): Building High-Quality Transitions to Kindergarten

The Maine Department of Education’s Early Learning Team is pleased to announce a new Community of Practice (CoP) focusing on supporting schools and districts in building high-quality plans for kindergarten transitions.  Recognizing the significant milestone that transition to kindergarten is for children and families, this CoP explores strategies for positively engaging children, families, caregivers, educators, and community providers in this process, including ideas for building transition teams and year-long transition plans. This no-cost learning experience will focus on supporting school systems and community partners by offering resources and support in building out transition plans, as well as opportunity to network with others who are engaged in the same work. SAU administrators, teaching staff, community preschool and childcare providers, and other community partners who share in cultivating smooth and well-supported transitions to kindergarten are encouraged to register together for this virtual opportunity.

The Community of Practice will be held from 3:30 – 4:30 PM on the following dates:

October 17th, December 19th, January 16th, March 19th, and May 21st

Please register here for the Community of Practice.

In conjunction with this opportunity, the Kindergarten Transition webpages have been enhanced.  These pages contain valuable resources for both parents & caregivers, and educators & providers.

For more information, please contact Marcy Whitcomb, Public Pre-K Consultant: