MaineCare Seed Adjustments to be Made, Review Q3’22 Reports by July 15, 2022

The recovery of Q3’22 MaineCare Seed will occur in the July 2022 subsidy payment and the Maine DOE is asking Districts to review their reports by July 15, 2022 to ensure accurate adjustments to subsidy. SAU staff must review, and submit disputes and student by student claims on both the public and private MaineCare reports for Q3’22 by July 15, 2022.

To access the MaineCare Seed reports, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into NEO using the link below
  2. Click on the Student Data tab
  3. Click on the Student Report tab
  4. Select MaineCare in the Reporting Area drop-down
  5. Choose the quarterly Seed report and the report type (private/public)
  6. save iconClick “view report” button
  7. Once the report appears on the screen, choose the export button.

You may export the reports to Excel but, please be aware that there may be multiple worksheet tabs within the workbook. Save the file to your computer.

To dispute a claim:

If you disagree that a particular student or time period should not be on the report, please send an email with the following information for each State Student ID to

  • State Student ID
  • The reason that you disagree
  • Identify the type of report: public or private
  • Quarter in which the claims are located
  • Service provided dates (From and To)
  • Total amount of Seed being disputed

Summer services:

Students must be enrolled for the time period they are receiving educational services. This means that students that are receiving extended school year services in district or extended school year services in an out of district placement must have a primary enrollment for that time period in order for the MDOE to have the most accurate enrollment data to determine SAU responsibility for MaineCare Seed.

If you have difficulty logging into NEO:

Anyone who currently has Special Education Director permissions to the Special Education module will automatically have permission to access MaineCare reports.
As in the past, if a new staff member needs permission to access this module, a request from the Superintendent to the Maine DOE helpdesk will be necessary. The helpdesk contact information is or 207-624-6896.

Please contact for more information or technical assistance related to MaineCare Seed

Maine DOE Data Management Systems Summer Training

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) Data Team is holding their annual summer training July 26th-28th and August 9th-16th. The focus of the training this year will be on tips and resources to assist districts with their state required data reporting and viewing/certifying their reports. New for this year we have condensed our sessions down to three hours. Please note that these trainings are geared towards users who have experience in the states student and/or staff data collection and reporting systems (Synergy, NEO and MEIS). For those who are brand new to state required student and/or staff data reporting we offer one-on-one onboard training.

Register for one-on-one onboard training

To register for the training, please visit Summer 2022 Training Registration.

Training Dates and Locations

  • July 26th, Houlton Middle/High School, 7 Bird St, Houlton, ME 04730
  • July 27th, Hampden Academy, 89 Western Ave, Hampden, ME 04444
  • July 28th, Ellsworth Elementary/Middle School, 20 Forrest Avenue Ellsworth, ME 04605
  • August 9th, Cony High School, 60 Pierce Drive Augusta, ME 04330
  • August 10th, Park Avenue Elementary, Park Avenue, Auburn, ME 04210
  • August 11th, Orion Performing Arts Center, 50 Republic Ave, Topsham, ME 04086
  • August 12th, Biddeford High School, 18 Maplewood Ave, Biddeford, ME 04005
  • August 16th, TEAMS Live Event, select “Join Live” at 9am or when ever you would like to join.

All sessions will begin with registration at 8:30am, with presentations beginning at 9am.  Coffee and water will also be provided throughout the training.

The following is the daily agenda for this year’s summer data trainings Please note that these times are tentative and are subject to change. Thank you.

8:30 – 9:00 – Check-in, Meet & Greet

9:00 – 9:30 – Welcome, Helpdesk Resources, Introduction of new staff & What’s New for 2023 – Ryan Cunningham

9: 30 – 10:15 – NEO Staff Module & MEIS – Drew Mitchell

10:15 – 10:45 – Graduation/Student Reports– Trevor Burns

10:45 – 11:00 – Break

11: 00 – 11:45 – Synergy – Michael Mikrut

11: 45 – 12:00 – Closing – Questions, Comments and Concerns

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these training sessions, please contact Ryan Cunningham Maine DOE Data Systems Helpdesk Manager at (207) 624-6809 or .

End of School Year 21’-22’ Checklist for Completing Reports; June 7 Webinar Available

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) Educational Data Systems Team will be hosting a webinar to discuss the end of year reporting requirements in this notification on Tuesday June 7th from 10:00am to 12:00pm. To participate, please utilize the “Join Live” link at the time of the webinar.

The following checklist is designed to assist School Administrative Units (SAUs) with publicly funded students in completing required end of year reports.  The dates listed after each report are when the report is open for entry and due for certification, if required.

Synergy:  The following items are available in the Synergy Student Information System. Please visit the Synergy Instructions Helpdesk Page for Synergy codes to be used for the items below.


Update/End ALL Enrollments (done last):

Manual Student Enrollment Exit Instructions

Upload Student Enrollment Exit Instructions

  • DOE will NOT be automatically ending enrollments.
  • Concurrent enrollment MUST be ended before the primary enrollment can be ended.
  • All students will need to be exited on their actual last day of school. This may be verified using “Attending Student Report” in NEO> Student Reports.
  • June 30 should not be automatically populated for the last day of school.
  • Future exit dates that are more than 7 days out are not permitted in the system.
  • Ending a student’s enrollment will end Economic Status and Truancy – to avoid this, update Truancy records prior to ending enrollments.
  • Ending enrollments will prevent you from manually updating Attendance Data. Once an enrollment has been ended, attendance data can only be modified by uploading the data.
  • Please ensure that you exit all your graduates accordingly.
    • Only exit students who have met graduation requirements by the graduation date.
      • For those who are expected to meet graduation requirements over the summer, leave the exit blank for now and there will be an opportunity for you to exit them later in the summer (by August 15)
    • Do NOT graduate students in non-high school grades (Pre-K, Kindergarten, Eighth Grade, etc.).
  • Please remember to exit your enrolled home instruction students back to home instruction at the end of the school year.

New enrollments will need to be uploaded/entered as well as special education information each school year.

Annual End of Year Reports and Certifications:

The following items are Annual Reports for the 2021/2022 school year. Instructions for these reports can be found here. 

The reports listed below are linked directly to its corresponding certification report in NEO:

If you have questions about these reports, (i.e. what should be entered) please contact the subject specialist listed below:

If you have questions about accessing the reports, please call or email the helpdesk, 624-6896 or

If you do not have credentials for Synergy or NEO, the district superintendent may grant access using the appropriate webform on the Helpdesk Page: Access Request Form

ESEA Demographics Certification Report to Open 5/15; Webinar 5/17 at 10am

The ESEA Demographics Report is an aggregation of students enrolled on 05/27/2022 for participation in state assessments during the 2022 assessment administration. This report includes student demographic categories for assessment and accountability purposes. The total demographic counts on the certification page only include your District Full Academic Year students. Full Academic Year means that they were enrolled with your district continuously from October 1st to May 27th.  This is required reporting for RSUs, CSDs, MSADs, Municipal school units, Maine Indian Education, charter schools, state operated schools, and private schools that accept publicly funded students.

The ESEA Demographics Report will be available for districts to review beginning on May 15th. Districts will be able to certify starting on May 27th with a certify-by date of June 15th.

The Maine Department of Education’s data management team will be holding a webinar where we will be discussing the ESEA Demographics Report and fielding any questions that you may have at 10AM on Tuesday May 17th, 2022. To participate, please utilize the “Join Live” link at the time of the webinar.

In order to view this report, you will need access to NEO – Student Data, if you do not have this access please have your superintendent fill out our online Access Request Form.

ESEA Demographics Certification Report Instructions 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to the ESEA Demographics Report please feel free to contact us at the MEDMS Helpdesk. or (207) 624-6896.

2021-2022 School Health Annual Reporting Window is Open

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is announcing that the School Health Annual Report is now available through the Reporting Calendar. The reporting link is available through the DC&R Calendar and the superintendent will determine who will compile and submit the data from all schools within the SAU. The data does not need to be submitted by your health staff; it can be entered by whomever the Superintendent determines is appropriate. Please remember that these reports once submitted, are manually verified so it may take several weeks for your report to show up in DC&R as completed. This report is due by July 30, 2022.

You may download the reporting worksheet in order to aid data collection among your schools.

Now more than ever, being able to quantify the workload of your school health staff is of utmost importance as we continue in this unprecedented time. Advocating for the multiple needs of your students helps to inform evidence-based school nursing practice and improve overall youth health outcomes. Healthy students are better learners.  If you have questions about the School Health Annual Report, please contact the MDOE School Nurse Consultant,

2022 Annual School Health Survey: