Important Reminder and Webinar Assistance: Due Date Approaches for Quarter 1 (Q1) Attendance, Behavior, Bullying, and Truancy Data Review

In order to assist SAUs with their legislatively mandated data reporting, the Maine Department of Education Data Team is offering a free webinar to review the requirements and new features. The webinar is strongly encouraged for those responsible for the compilation and entry of the required data.

The Quarter 1 Reporting and Certification Webinar will be held on Wednesday, October 14th from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Click here to register

The certification period for Quarter 1 (Q1), which includes attendance, behavior, bullying, and truancy opens October 1st.  Review and certification are required by October 15th.

Quarter 1 attendance will be used for the average daily attendance (ADA) reporting requirements for Title V. There will not be a separate Title V ADA collection.

Why?  Each year the US Department of Education begins the process for determining Title V eligibility for both the State and Federal grants, starting in late November.  Part of that eligibility is asking each state to provide several pieces of data on all their districts, including average daily attendance (ADA).  Without this data, no district would be eligible for the Federal (Small Rural Schools Achievement or SRSA) grant, and districts that are eligible for the State (Rural Low-Income Schools or RLIS) grant would get a reduced allocation, as 30% of the allocation formula is based on ADA from all eligible districts.

  • Attendance data certification can be found here, and guidance on reporting attendance can be found here.
  • Behavior data certification can be found here, and guidance on reporting behavior can be found here.
  • Bullying data certification can be found here and guidance on reporting bullying can be found here.
  • Truancy data certification can be found here, and guidance on reporting truancy can be found here.

If you have difficulties navigating to Synergy or NEO, please call the Helpdesk at 624-6896 or email at .

All due dates for reports are listed on the MDOE reporting calendar. All quarterly reports are based on the following months, not on a school’s scheduled quarters:

  • Quarter One (Q1)– As of Oct 1 (to include July, August, Sept) – due Oct 30
  • Quarter Two (Q2) – As of Jan 1 (to include Oct through Dec) – due Jan 15
  • Quarter Three (Q3) – As of April 1 (to include Jan through March) – due April 15
  • Quarter Four (Q4) – As of July 1 (to include Apr through June) – due July 15



MaineCare Seed Adjustments, Q4’20 Reports Due by October 15, 2020

The recovery of Q4’20 MaineCare Seed will occur in the October 2020 subsidy payment and the Maine DOE is asking school administrative units (SAU) to review their reports by October 15, 2020 to ensure accurate adjustments to subsidy. SAU staff must review student by student claims on both the public and private MaineCare reports for Q4’20 by October 15, 2020.

To access the MaineCare Seed reports, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into NEO using this link:
  • Anyone who currently has Special Education Director permissions to the Special Education module, will automatically have permissions to access MaineCare reports.
  • As in the past, if a new staff member needs permission to access this module, a request from the Superintendent to the Maine DOE Helpdesk will be necessary. The helpdesk contact information is or 207-624-6896.
  1. Click on the Student Data tab
  2. Click on the Student Report tab
  3. Select MaineCare in the Reporting Area drop-down
  4. Choose the quarterly Seed report and the report type (private/public)
  5. Click view report button
  6. Once the report appears on the screen, choose the export button.
  • You may export the reports to Excel but, please be aware that there may be multiple worksheet tabs within the workbook. Save the file to your computer.

If you disagree that a particular student or time period should be on the report, please provide the reason that you disagree along with the following information to

  • Identify the type of report (public or private) and the quarter in which the claims are located.
  • State Student ID
  • Service provided dates (From and To)
  • Total amount of Seed being disputed

Summer services: Students must be enrolled for the time period they are receiving educational services. This means that students that are receiving extended school year services in district or extended school year services in an out of district placement must have a primary enrollment for that time period in order for the MDOE to have the most accurate enrollment data to determine SAU responsibility for MaineCare Seed.

Please contact for more information or technical assistance related to MaineCare Seed.



Annual Audit Reminder: Key Dates and Important Information for District Admins

We know that superintendents are extremely busy this summer, preparing for a new school year in a climate full of unknowns. As there is much to organize, we are providing an annual audit reminder, with key dates so that you can mark your calendars and take any initial steps needed.

Initial Report to the Commissioner Due November 1st:

As is required by Title 20-A MRSA 6051 §4, statements of assurance and Maine Education Financial System reconciliations are due to the Department by November 1, 2020. Please submit via email to .

  • Any adjustments identified by these reconciliations should be uploaded to the Maine Education Financial System in NEO by November 30, 2020.

Annual Audit Reports Due December 30th

Annual audit reports are due within six months after the end of the audit period (e.g., reports for the fiscal year ending June 30th are due on or before December 30th).

  • Per statute, the auditor is required to review the audit with the school board.
  • Per statute, it is the school board’s responsibility to submit the annual audit document unless it is stated in the engagement letter that the audit firm will submit the audit to the Department on behalf of the school board.
  • Municipal school units are required to submit either a combined annual audit or a school department audit and a municipal audit to the Department. The municipal annual report (a.k.a. town report) cannot be accepted in lieu of the complete municipal annual audit.
  • Per statute, Maine DOE must receive a Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards (SEFA), which includes federal award expenditures for all reporting entities, even if a Single Audit (formerly A-133 audit) is not required to be conducted. The SEFA provides information needed by Maine DOE to conduct sub-recipient monitoring as required by the US Department of Education and is due at the time of the annual audit.
    • Municipal school units, please note: where a combined audit is not conducted, Maine DOE should receive two audits: an audit with a SEFA for the school department, and an audit for the city/town including a SEFA.
  • If a management letter is prepared by the auditor, a copy must be submitted to Maine DOE with the annual audit, as this letter provides us with information needed to conduct sub-recipient monitoring, as required by US DOE.

Extensions and Subsidy Payments

If an extension or exception is needed for the deadline to submit either the municipal or school department audit, the superintendent must contact us to request the extension.

The forms are available on the Fiscal Review and Compliance webpage, under forms on the menu bar.

  • Extensions will expire no less than 30 days from the date the extension was submitted.
  • Extension requests will be considered until June 30th (six months after due date); extensions will not be valid after June 30th and all municipalities and school administrative units with overdue audits that have not submitted an extension request before May 31th may have a delay in subsidy release. Those who have not submitted an extension request will have subsidy withheld until addressed.

Exception for a Municipal School Audit

  • Municipalities that do not operate a school and have different fiscal year end than the school may request an exception for the school audit. The exception form and more information may be found on the  Fiscal Review and Compliance webpage.

Please submit all annual audit documents, reports, information requests, questions and other audit correspondence via email to or via the direct link provided on the Fiscal Review and Compliance webpage.


Scheduled System Upgrade: NEO Unavailable from 3pm on 5/15 through 5/17  

As part of a scheduled outage, NEO will not be available to users starting at 3pm on Friday May 15th to allow the Department to complete a system upgrade to new servers. NEO will be back and open for business on Monday morning, May 18th.

For questions or concerns, please contact Katherine Warren, Education Data Systems Manager at Maine Department of Education

Get to Know the DOE Team: Meet Katherine Warren

Maine DOE Team member Katherine Warren is being highlighted this week as part of  the Get to Know the DOE Team campaign. Learn a little more about Katherine in the brief question and answer below.

What are your roles with DOE?

I am the Education Data Systems Manager. As EDSM I am a member of the School Finance and Operations Team and the Data Team. I oversee the operations of our MEDMS Help Desk, our Quality Assurance Staff and our education data systems, primarily NEO & Synergy, but also other systems DOE has that use the data we collect form our schools.  In addition to that I manage DOE’s relationship with our DOE OIT (Office of Information Technology) Application Development group and our Student Information Systems vendors. It is my responsibility to prioritize the IT work being done for the Department and to see that our data systems are meeting the needs of the Department.

What do you like best about your job?

My favorite aspect of my job is getting things to “run right”. 😊 I am really happy to combine my experience with information systems with my passion for education. Prior to joining DOE I spent 20 years as the School Business manager for RSU 8 – Vinalhaven.

I love the opportunity to support and design systems that support us working together for families, schools & communities and the most responsible and effective use of taxpayer dollars. It’s also amazingly fun to get to join folks here at DOE that I have worked with from the field for all these years. I really enjoy having the chance to interact with all different teams across DOE and OIT and to work with so many other people to align all of our work.

How or why did you decide on this career?

Education is the thing that, if you do it right for people, it will  bubble up positively through every other aspect of our lives, our families, communities, culture & world so I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in changing the world for good every day and supporting people who are doing the same thing (and no I’m not exaggerating 😊 my team will tell you I really AM that much of an optimist !)

I began my career as a Deposit Operations manager for KeyCorp here in Augusta and had the opportunity to do a great deal of project management, business analysis, and call center-customer service work. After that I spent a short time as the Admissions, Billing and Switchboard Operations Manager for Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington. When my family and I moved to Vinalhaven in 1998, during the Ice Storm 😊, they were looking for a School Business Manager and my career in education began. I come from a family of teachers, and married to one, so Education has always been the “family business”. For 15 years I got to go to school everyday with my husband and both my kids!

What do you like to do outside of work for fun?

I love to spend as much time as possible with my kids and my family and friends, reading good books, enjoying good food, and making music. I have been involved in choral singing my whole life and always enjoy the opportunity to make music and enjoy music in as many ways as possible. I also love to explore, not necessarily far away, to see new things, follow new roads, try new foods or new experiences and just learn new stuff.