NEO and Synergy – State Reporting Training

The Maine Department of Education Data Team is available to provide training in both NEO and Synergy for anyone looking to understand more about the navigation of these programs for state reporting purposes. Trainings can be done one-on-one with new or current users, in small groups, or in a group setting for whole districts.

Training is targeted to meet the needs of anyone utilizing Synergy and/or NEO, including, but not limited to;

  • Student data specialists
  • Staff data specialists
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Superintendents

Training can be held virtually or in person at the preference of the district and/or user. For more information or to sign up for training please contact:

AlLee Cookson
Data Quality Trainer

Or submit an Onboard Training Registration online survey.

WEBINAR: Adult Education EF-M-39 Data Report – 11/29

The Maine Department of Education’s Data Team will be posting a webinar on the Adult Education EF-M-39 report in NEO on Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 from 10:00am – 10:30am. Anyone who is responsible for reporting adult education data from districts is encouraged to attend.

This webinar will provide a brief overview of how to access the Adult Education EF-M-39B report in NEO and requirements for reporting Adult Education to the Maine Department of Education. This report has a direct correlation to subsidy that school administrative units will receive, therefore accurate, complete, and timely data is necessary.

To attend the webinar please use the link here. The webinar will be recorded and available on the Maine DOE’s MEDEMS Helpdesk Website following the webinar.

This report will open on December 1, 2022 and will be due on December 15, 2022.

For questions about this webinar please contact or call 207-624-6896

Staff Certification Report Due Soon

The Staff Certification Report is due Tuesday, November 15th in NEO.

  • Instructions for certifying this report are here.
    • Webinar: Staff Certification Instructions
  • Instructions for accessing, adding, and updating staff in the NEO Staff Module can be found here.
  • For additional NEO Staff information please visit Staff Data Entry Guides on the MEDMS Helpdesk Website.

This data is critical for determining EPS funding.

If you questions please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk at 207.624.6896 or email

For training in NEO Staff please contact Alexandra Cookson – Data Quality Trainer at 207.446.3897 or email


Estimated Pre-K Enrollment Counts for New or Expanding Programs in 2023-2024 

If your School Administrative Unit (SAU) is opening or expanding a Pre-K program in the 2023-2024 school year, you are eligible to receive funding on your FY24 ED279 for children you enroll in these new or expanded Pre-K programs in 2023. This means you will receive the funding for enrollment in the same year that you enroll the Pre-K children, without a year delay. 

If your SAU is applying for one-year grant funding through the recently released Request for Applications (RFA) #202207106 then you DO NOT need to complete this form because you will include the estimate in your application. More information regarding the RFA can be found here. These applications are due no later than October 14, 2022. 

If you are planning to start and/or expand public Pre-K in the 2023-24 school year and do not plan to apply to take advantage of the one-year grant funding but would like to receive an FY24 estimate Pre-K allocation, please notify the Maine DOE by completing the FY24 Estimate Pre-K Count Data Form before November 4, 2022. There are 3 questions to be answered on the funding survey: 

  1. Choose your SAU from a list 
  2. Do you have an existing Pre-K program (FY23)? – Yes/No 
  3. Provide your SAU’s Pre-K Estimated Increase Count (new slots available in new or expanding program) 

SAUs completing the form must also complete the Pre-K Program Application with DOE’s Early Childhood Team by April 30, 2023 and obtain program approval. 

The FY24 Estimate Pre-K Count Data Collection form is meant to capture the FY24 estimate for new and expanding Pre-K program enrollment. The estimate student count data, in addition to the current (FY23) enrollment in an existing Pre-K program, will be used to provide funding on the FY24 ED279. An SAU’s Pre-K total enrollment number, as reported and verified October 1, 2023, should match the combined existing and estimated increase total that was used to calculate funds in the ED279. After October 1, 2023, an audit adjustment, based on actual enrollment reported in NEO on October 1, 2023, will be made to the Pre-K allocation assigned on the FY24 ED279. Please note that this may increase or decrease funding. 

For more information about establishing or expanding a Pre-K program, please check out the webpage on the topic, or contact Nicole Madore at   

For questions specific FY24 ED279 estimates, please contact Paula Gravelle at 624-6792 or 

Annual Audit Requirements Reminder

Annual Audit Reports Due December 30th

Annual audit reports are due within six months after the end of the audit period (e.g., reports for the fiscal year ending June 30th are due on or before December 30th). In accordance with Title 20-A, §6051:

  • Per statute, the auditor is required to review the audit with the school board.
  • Per statute, it is the school board’s responsibility to submit the annual audit document unless it is stated in the engagement letter that the audit firm will submit the audit to the Department on behalf of the school board.
  • Municipal school units are required to submit either a combined annual audit or a school department audit and a municipal audit to the Department. The municipal annual report (a.k.a. town report) cannot be accepted in lieu of the complete municipal annual audit.
  • Per statute, Maine DOE must receive a Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards(SEFA), which includes federal award expenditures for all reporting entities, even if a Single Audit (formerly A-133 audit) is not required to be conducted. The SEFA provides information needed by Maine DOE to conduct sub-recipient monitoring as required by the US Department of Education and is due at the time of the annual audit.

In municipal school units where a combined audit is not conducted, Maine DOE should receive two audits: an audit with a SEFA for the school department, and an audit for the city/town including a SEFA.

  • If a management letter is prepared by the auditor, a copy must be submitted to Maine DOE with the annual audit, as this letter provides us with the information needed to conduct sub-recipient monitoring, as required by US DOE.

Extensions and Subsidy Payments

If an extension or exception is needed for the deadline to submit either the municipal or school department audit, the superintendent must contact us to request the extension.

The forms are available on the Fiscal Review and Compliance webpage, under forms on the menu bar.

  • Initial extension requests will be for a period of 2 months, and 30 days thereafter.
  • Extension requests will be considered until June 30th (six months after the due date); extensions will not be valid after June 30th and all municipalities and school administrative units with overdue audits which have not submitted an extension request before May 31st may have a delay in subsidy release. Those who have not submitted an extension request will have subsidy withheld until addressed.

Please submit all annual audit documents, reports, information requests, questions, and other audit correspondence via email to