Certification Open, Due Soon: October 1 Student Counts

Certification of the October 1 Student Count Report opens on October 16th and is due on October 30th. This report is used in the calculation of EPS funding allocations.

Special Education Directors in school administrative units (SAUs) with publicly funded students will need to Review and Certify the EF-S-05 Part 1 (Special Education Child Count) BEFORE superintendents can certify overall counts.

Superintendents in SAUs with publicly funded students are required to review and certify the October 1 Student Count report in NEO and submit it to the Maine DOE.


For questions about data reporting please contact MEDMS.Helpdesk@maine.gov or call 207-624-6896

Upcoming Data Reporting Webinars for October & November

October data reporting webinars require registration. Additional information about these webinars can be found on the Webinars page of the Maine DOE Helpdesk Website.

  • Error Log Troubleshooting & Data Dictionaries
    October 10th at 10am – Register Here
  • Staff Reporting Resources
    October 17th at 10am – Register Here
  • Data Security
    October 24th at 10am – Register Here
  • Accuracy & Validity
    October 31st at 10am – Register Here
  • Immigrant Data Entry
    November 14th at 10am – Register Here

For questions about data reporting webinars please contact Alexandra.Cookson@maine.gov


Open Reports: October 1 Enrollment, Staff Certification, Dropout, and Quarterly Reports

Fall reports are open and ready for review by districts. All reports require review, validation and/or certification by superintendents.

Reports Opening:

  • EPS October 1 Student EnrollmentCertification Opens 10/16, Due 10/30
  • EPS Staff Certification – Due 10/30
  • Dropout – Due 10/15
  • Bullying – Due 10/15
  • Behavior – Due 10/15
  • Daily Attendance –Due 10/15
  • Truancy – Due 10/15

Reporting guidance, instructions, and webinars about these reports can be found on the Maine DOE Helpdesk page. For questions about these reports please contact MEDMS.Helpdesk@maine.gov or call 207-624-6896

For training in navigating state reporting resources and systems, please submit a State Reporting System Training request, or call 207-446-3897

October Enrollment Reporting Resources

October 1 Enrollment reporting often brings up many questions about unique situations for student enrollments and how to record the data for state reporting purposes. We often hear questions about enrolling students experiencing homelessness, State Agency Clients, enrollments in special purpose private schools, Superintendent Agreements, and many other situations that students may be experiencing.

The Maine DOE Helpdesk webpage provides guidance for most of these situations on the Student Enrollment Guides page. This resource can be very helpful when working to determine fiscal responsibilities, subsidy counts, and reporting responsibilities.

The Enrollment Guidance Document can be a particularly useful resource for October 1 Enrollment reporting, and we highly recommend having it readily available when working on this report.

If a student’s situation does not meet any of the outlined enrollment guidance or if you have questions about enrollment guidance, please contact MEDMS.Helpdesk@maine.gov or call 207-624-6896.

Webinar: October 1 Enrollment (EPS Student Count) – September 26, 2023

Join the Data Team for information about the October 1 Student Enrollment report. The data from this report is part of determining state funding allocations to SAUs.

This webinar will be recorded and posted to the DOE Data Youtube Playlist. It may take a few days for the recording to be posted, however, it will be available as soon as possible. Additional information about this webinar can be found on the Webinars page of the Helpdesk Website.

If this webinar is canceled, there will be a notice posted on the Helpdesk Website at the top of the page.

EPS October 1 Student Enrollment Reporting Webinar:

September 26th at 10:00 am

Join the Live event here


For questions about data reporting webinars, please contact Alexandra.Cookson@maine.gov