EF-S-05 Part II – Personnel Employed, Contracted and Needed


TO:  Special Education Directors
FROM:  Angela Faherty, Ph.D., Commissioner of Education
DATE:  November 22, 2010
RE:  EF-S-05 Part II – Personnel Employed, Contracted and Needed

Part II of the EF-S-05, Personnel Employed, Contracted and Needed for 2010-2011 is completed on the web using the MEDMS System.  In order for you to access the Part II Teacher Data, you will use the User IDs and Passwords assigned to you for the MEDMS System.  Each unit for which you are responsible has a separate User ID and Password in order to complete its form.

If you have forgotten your MEDMS User ID and Password, please call or email the MEDMS help desk at 624-6896 (medms.helpdesk@maine.gov ).  For new units that do not have a Password, your Password is Password1.  When you log in, you will need to change your Password.  Each Password must:

  • Have at least six characters
  • Be alphanumeric
  • Have upper and lower case
  • Cannot have any portion of the user’s name in the Password

Again, if you need help with the above, please call the MEDMS Help Desk.

Instructions are posted to the Web-based Child Count site at http://www.maine.gov/education/speced/EFS05/login_page.htm .

NOTE:  Section A- Teacher numbers are no longer collected by disability.  You only need one total number for each column.

All school units must report using the Web-based form, even if you have no teachers or other personnel to reportPLEASE do not forget to click the I DO HAVE TEACHERS BUTTON OR the I DO NOT HAVE TEACHERS BUTTON. Otherwise, we will not know if you completed your form.

The completion of the EF-S-05, Part II is due by January 5, 2011.

If you have any questions regarding these Web-based forms, please contact  Kathy Fellows or Terry  Bailey at 624-6650 or email kathy.fellows@maine.gov terry.bailey@maine.gov for assistance.

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