Maine DOE Update – March 23, 2011

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From the Commissioner

Listening tour off to a great start

Parents, teachers, and superintendents offered good feedback on how the Maine DOE can help them make schools better. | More

What’s getting in the way?

As I tour the state, I wonder what’s getting in the way of letting educators do what’s best for their students. | More

Listening tour

Greene shows its stuff

Teachers say they are eager to use new academic standards and talk about their success in raising student achievement. | More

Turner works on data-driven teaching

Teachers dig into data to improve teaching and learning. | More

Technology center engaging students

Students apply math and science skills in classes they find relevant at United Technologies Center in Bangor. | More

Jobs Corps offers ‘a different pathway’

Federally funded program wants to partner with more Maine high schools to keep struggling students from dropping out. | More

Sumner uses grant to advantage

Sumner Memorial High School overcomes ‘low-performing’ stigma to make major changes, engage students in learning. | More

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