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Mike Rodway discovered as a sixth grader that he learns best through filmmaking. Since then, Rodway’s filmmaking passion and production prowess have taken off.

Article image: Mike Rodway speaks on stage in front of a screen showing an image of himself.
Mike Rodway

Now an eighth grader at Telstar Regional Middle School in Bethel, Rodway made his first film — using tools on his Maine Learning Technology Initiative laptop — when he and his classmates were asked to find all the math at work at an airport, he said May 26 during a presentation at the 2011 MLTI Student Conference.

Rodway continued developing his filmmaking abilities by completing a science assignment about biomes with a movie in which he starred as the owner of a travel agency.

Rodway’s art teacher noticed his filmmaking ability, and encouraged him last year to enter the MLTI-sponsored WatchMEGraduate contest, which challenged students to create a film that answered the question, “What one thing should be done in your school community to increase the number of kids who make it to graduation?”

Article image: Mike Rodway speaks to a video of himself on stage.
Rodway speaks to a video of himself while on stage at the 2011 MLTI Student Conference.

In a two-minute film, Rodway recommended that schools create farming programs to keep students engaged. His film was one of two to win the contest.

“I really took all that I’ve learned from sixth grade until now, and put it in that video, and that’s how I won,” he said.

Rodway showcased a number of his films at the MLTI Student Conference during a presentation in which he spoke on stage with a filmed version of himself.

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