Changes simplify reporting requirements

The Maine Department of Education is working to simplify the process by which school districts are notified of forms due to the state and other reporting requirements.

Most reporting requirements are now found in an online Reporting Calendar, rather than announced by Administrative Letter. We’ve simplified the announcements. To keep track, we recommend that you:

  • Subscribe to the Commissioner’s Update. Each week (except for a few during the summer), we publish a list of Action Items, which includes forms and other reporting requirements due in the coming weeks.
  • Visit the Reporting Calendar and bookmark it in your browser. We are constantly updating the calendar.
  • Use the Maine DOE Newsroom search to find a previously announced reporting item or Administrative Letter. Please note that the Newsroom, for now, is not the same as the Maine DOE website. Search the Newsroom to find notices of reporting that’s due.

We’re still working to improve the Reporting Calendar. Watch for an even more streamlined version in the coming months (ALL forms and reporting requirements will be located in one place). If you have suggestions for improvements, we want to hear them! Please contact us.

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