Feedback sought from bus drivers, transportation directors

The Maine Department of Education is inviting school transportation teams to complete a survey about safety training needs for their student transportation programs.

Title 29-A, Section 2303, subsection 4, of Maine law requires that the Department of Education provide school bus safety and driver training. This survey will help the Department identify school training needs so training programs can be responsive to them.

The Department is inviting school bus drivers and transportation directors to fill out this brief, nine-question survey, which should take about six minutes to complete. The deadline to complete it is Oct. 26.

Please visit the following link to complete the survey:

Contact Pat Hinckley with questions and to offer detailed feedback about training. She can be reached by phone at 207-624-6886 or by email at

One thought on “Feedback sought from bus drivers, transportation directors

  1. Dear Commisioner,
    I have been the Transportation Director in Portland almost 17 years. I am also a past president of MAPT and a Certified Director of Pupil Transportation, having obtained my certification from NAPT in 2006.
    You can do transportation for less. Regionalize it, as the Canadians have done.
    We are wasting millions letting everyone do thier own thing. Everyday I watch as buses arrive at PATHS from the North and the South, minutes apart, with 8 to 10 kids on them. We can stop this through regionalization.
    You aren’t in the transportation business, you’re in the education business. We need to stem the rising cost of school bus transportation and put the money back into the classroom. It can be done.

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