Concussion initiative to expand to more schools

The Maine Concussion Management Initiative based at Colby College is expanding to serve the student-athletes at 20 more Maine high schools with the help of a $20,000 gift.

The Maine Concussion Management Initiative began serving Maine schools in 2010. The effort has resulted in the neuro-cognitive screening of more than 14,000 student-athletes to date and training for more than 250 healthcare and athletics professionals in concussion awareness and management.

The initiative currently has 69 Maine school participants. The additional funding will allow 20 additional high schools to participate.

Maine Concussion Management Initiative participants qualify for free computerized neuro-cognitive testing for student-athletes as a way to detect, diagnose and begin the management of the long lasting impacts of sports-related concussions.

The Concussion Management Initiative is also an effort to train participating school administrators and medical professionals in the management of concussions.

Schools interested in participating can visit the Maine Concussion Management Initiative website for additional information.

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