Data quality recertification training starts Nov. 7

Training for school staff members who need recertification in the Maine Data Quality Certification Program will be available online from Nov. 7 to 28. The online training is available for certification in all three strands: Data Coordinator, Data Entry and Program Staff.

State and federal data reporting requirements change continuously. All Data Quality-certified staff must complete two hours of additional training annually in order to maintain a current Data Quality Program Certification status.

The Data Quality Program Certification is aimed at creating a school culture in which data help school staff make informed decisions about instruction and school programs.

If you obtained certification in any strand of the Maine Data Quality Certification Program, you can visit to begin the recertification process.

Those interested in gaining initial certification in the Data Quality Certification Program should look for announcements about upcoming certification events in your functional area at

Detailed listings of the three different Data Quality Program Certification strands are located on the Maine Department of Education website at the following link:

Contact the State Longitudinal Data System training team with any inquiries:

  • Travis Wood, State Longitudinal Data System Trainer
    Maine Department of Education
  • Lance Gilman, State Longitudinal Data System Trainer
    Maine Department of Education

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