Revisions made to Title 20-A, Maine Education Statutes

The State of Maine Revisor of Statutes Office has determined that there were conflicts in several areas of statutory language enacted from the First Regular Session of the 125th Maine Legislature.

The following corrections have been made on the Legislative statute web site:

  • Title 20-A, Section 254, “Educational duties,” had three subsections numbered “13.” Two of those subsections have been renumbered: “Transitional services for students with disabilities” is now Subsection 14, and “Technical assistance; professional development and training for instruction in digital literacy; clearinghouse for information on use of online learning resources” is now Subsection 15.
  • Title 20-A, Section 1001, Subsection 14 had two paragraphs labeled “D.” One of those paragraphs has been relabeled “E.”
  • As enacted, Title 20-A, Section 7202, “Duties of school administrative units,” had two subsections numbered “11.” Now, “Attorney’s presence at team meeting” has been moved to Subsection 12.

Superintendents will want to note these changes in their complimentary copies of the 2011-2012 Maine Education and School Statutes book. Contact Greg Scott, State and Local Relations Director, at 207-624-6620 or with questions.

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