Author to Bonny Eagle students: Celebrate your differences

BUXTON — The Bonny Eagle Middle School Climate Team recently hosted the author of a book that celebrates self-confidence and being oneself.

A guest author poses with Bonny Eagle Middle School students.
Bonny Eagle Middle School students pose with "Cassandra's Angel" author Gina Otto during her recent visit to the Buxton school.

The York County middle school in School Administrative District 6 hosted Gina Otto, author of “Cassandra’s Angel.” The book celebrates differences in personality and building self-esteem after the main character is bullied and told by numerous other characters that she should conform.

The book is being developed into a Broadway musical and an acting troupe has been touring the east coast. Bonny Eagle students saw a presentation of the book featuring Otto and Kayla Roy, a Maine actress and daughter of Bonny Eagle Middle School principal Michael Roy.

The troupe performed at Bonny Eagle Middle School and Buxton Center Elementary School.

“’Cassandra’s Angel’ inspires readers of all ages to cultivate self-esteem and open-mindedness and to help others develop those traits within themselves,” Otto said.

A new website,, accompanies the book.

Thank you to Bonny Eagle Middle School for submitting this photo and information.
– Maine DOE News

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