Urgent: Student exit forms due June 30

Maine DOE will close the 2011-12 school year as of Saturday, June 30. It is imperative that schools properly exit all students who are not expected to return in the 2012-13 school year. This must be done prior to the closing of the 2011-12 school year. This includes but is not limited to:

  • All graduates
  • Students who have moved
  • Home school students
  • Foreign exchange/foreign tuition students

It is imperative that this is completed before July 1 so that we can produce 2011-12 graduation rates in a timely manner this year.

Here is the list of schools that have not met the requirements, as of Wednesday, June 27:

  • George Stevens Academy
  • Hermon High School
  • Deering High School, Portland Public Schools
  • Casco Bay High School, Portland Public Schools
  • Hall-Dale High School, RSU 02
  • Nokomis Regional High, RSU 19
  • Belfast Area High School, RSU 20
  • Searsport District High School, RSU 20
  • Houlton High School, RSU 29/MSAD 29
  • Medomak Valley High School, RSU 40/MSAD 40
  • Washburn District High School, RSU 45/MSAD 45
  • So Aroostook School, RSU 50
  • Carrabec High School, RSU 74/MSAD 74
  • Rangeley Lakes Regional School, RSU 78
  • Lubec Consolidated School, RSU 85/MSAD 19
  • South Portland High School
  • Waterville Senior High School
  • York High School

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