Commissioner’s Update – October 4, 2012

Commissioner’s Update – October 4, 2012
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School choice has always been an option for some Maine students, but we’re getting closer and closer to offering choice to all our kids—enabling them to take charge of their own learning.

The school choice work group met for the second time Monday to continue its work on a publicly funded school choice model.

When the Governor proposed school choice to the Legislature last year, we knew we had a lot of kinks to work out. The model we are currently reviewing would allow districts to elect to participate in an open-enrollment program—meaning students from any district could apply to an open-enrollment school located anywhere in the state. The group is still discussing details related to transportation and funding, but the group intends to propose a thorough model to policymakers come January.

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— Stephen Bowen


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Harvest Lunch Week a trend at Brooklin School
Students in grades 4-8 are on a rotating schedule to help Lori in the kitchen. Here, Colby Schneider (left) prepares to serve broccoli to students, and Lucas Torrey will dish up corn.

During Harvest Lunch Week, schools statewide are encouraged to incorporate Maine-made ingredients into their lunch menus. But at the Brooklin School in Hancock County, Harvest Lunch Week is nothing out of the ordinary – cook Lori Boyce serves local food every day of the year. | More | From garden to table at Mount Desert Elem. | Houlton students harvest 400 ears of corn

Maine’s first two charter schools open doorsOlivia Broadrick, senior at the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences, chose to attend the public charter school because she plans to work in the sciences.

AUGUSTA – The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences (MeANS) and Cornville Regional Charter School opened as Maine’s first two public charter schools Monday, providing new choices for Maine students. | More

International exchange and research opportunities for classroom teachers

Grants are available for educators to participate in international exchanges and research during the 2013-14 academic year through the Fulbright Classroom Teacher Exchange Program and the Distinguished Fulbright Awards in Teaching Program. | More

Grant to help Maine schools develop teacher, leader evaluation systems

AUGUSTA – Seventeen Maine schools will share a nearly $25 million grant to build systems that recognize and reward great teachers and school leaders. | More

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