Financial literacy resources for high school students available

As required by Title 20-A Section 254, Sub-section 13, as enacted by Public Law 2011, Chapter 154, this annual report is being shared with superintendents. Please share this report with your school board members.

LD 184:  An Act to Promote the Financial Literacy of High School Students was approved in May 2011. As a result of the legislation, Sec. 1. 20-A MRSA Section 254, Sub-section 13 was enacted and encourages school administrative units to implement an integrated model for personal finance instruction in social studies or mathematics.

Visit the Maine Department of Education’s Social Studies web page for a list of suggested financial literacy resources that can help teachers integrate financial literacy instruction in the classroom. Superintendents are asked to share the list of resources with local school boards.

Save the date

The Maine JumpStart Coalition is inviting teachers at all levels to attend the Fostering Financial Literacy in Maine Schools Conference at the Augusta Civic Center on May 2, 2013. The daylong professional development workshop will offer participants resources and strategies for integrating personal finance into classroom instruction. Visit the Maine JumpStart Coalition’s website to learn more.

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2 thoughts on “Financial literacy resources for high school students available

  1. As a current business education teacher with 39 years of experience, I support Richard Larson’s view and would advise schools who have business education programs to make Financial Literacy MANDATORY as a nine-week or one trimester course.

    Jan Corliss
    Business Department Chair

  2. For many years students received needed high school-financial literacy education in excellent business education courses such as general business, business math, bookkeeping/accounting and consumer economics. I find it interesting that only math and social science teachers can provide this needed information and not business education teachers.

    Richard Larson
    Retired economics and cost accounting instructor

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