New Center for Best Practice case study features RSU 20

The Center for Best Practice has released its fifth case study showcasing districts successfully implementing proficiency-based practices. The schools of RSU 20 (Belfast/Searsport area) figure prominently in the history of the state’s move toward learner-centered education. Both Troy Howard Middle School and Searsport District High School were enthusiastic early adopters and promoters of reforms around standards-based reporting, interventions and formative assessment. Simultaneously, many of the elementary schools of the district moved in that direction as well.

In 2009, RSU 20 came into existence, and the district in its entirety is moving toward proficiency-based systems. In addition to the case study, you will find an executive summary, a collection of resources from RSU 20, and a brief interview with Superintendent Brian Carpenter about his district’s experience. To see the data behind the improved student performance and engagement at RSU 20, visit the Data Warehouse.

Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen recently visited RSU 20 as part of his Promising Practices Tour and brought along a film crew to capture the school’s success in moving toward proficiency-based education. The Department will add those videos to the RSU 20 case study in June, and in the meantime you can view 10 videos from other schools that have implemented promising steps toward a learner-centered instructional system.

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