Reminder: Smarter Balanced practice test available

Teachers and administrators are reminded that Smarter Balanced practice tests are available all grade levels from 3 to 8 and at grade 11. These practice tests are an excellent way for teachers to preview what to expect in spring 2015, for students to get practice in online testing and for parents to begin to understand how the new tests will better assess student achievement and understanding of both content and concepts.

The practice test was recently upgraded to include expanded accommodations and the addition of math performance tasks and associated scoring rubrics.

The  Practice Test can be accessed at

The Smarter Balanced assessment system, overseen by a consortium of 25 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, is scheduled for administration in spring 2015 and is aligned to Maine’s updated  standards for English language arts and mathematics. The new tests will provide more information about student progress and return results more quickly to teachers who can use them to adjust instruction to meet individual student needs.

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