Unorganized Territories educators prepare for new school year

To prepare for its upcoming school year, the Education in the Unorganized Territories (EUT) principals and teachers in conjunction with the EUT Special Education Director, Barb Pineau, and Director of State Schools, Shelley Lane, focused on three important areas during its annual August training.

First, by participating in team-building activities at the University of Maine (UM) ropes course, teachers were encouraged to continue to recognize and support each member’s valuable link in their school and entire EUT chain. The next day in the Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC) classroom, the EUT team focused on how teachers and staff can make contributions and “build bridges” with children by thoughtfully acknowledging and addressing a student’s sometimes hidden emotional, mental, and directional “frame of poverty.” Third, the group approached the dilemma of school bullying as a character building opportunity via the theme of “What Do You Stand For?”

These three areas plus news and updates helped the EUT teachers and directors set their sails for a productive and meaningful school year.

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