Join fall fundraiser for Maine schools

Hannaford and CLYNK have teamed up to provide a school fundraising opportunity designed to be simple for students and families with the potential to earn a significant amount for individual schools.

CLYNK—a Maine recycling company with a unique and innovative bottle redemption system—enables families to donate funds to schools in their community. Once a school enrolls in CLYNK, the school will receive packets containing instructions and materials.

Families who do not currently have a CLYNK account may use the packet to sign-up for a personal account online. By registering, new account holders are pledging to drop off at least one bag (included in the packet) of bottles and cans at their local Hannaford by Nov. 15. The school receives $5 for each new CLYNK account that returns at least one bag by the deadline.

Contact CLYNK to start earning money for your school.

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