First-grade classrooms needed for Lexile research study

MetaMetrics is looking for first-grade teachers who are willing to administer a short online study to their students for an ongoing early reader research initiative. The goals of this research include improving understanding of what makes text complex for the earliest readers and how early reading ability can be assessed reliably and fairly across different populations of students.

The requirements for participation are as follows:

  • Each student participant will take a Lexile Research Test. The test contains 40 items and will take approximately 35 minutes.
  • Tests are administered online.
  • Tests can be administered to students one at a time, to small groups of students at one time or to a whole class simultaneously, according to technology resources and teacher preference.
  • Teachers will provide some demographic information about students in a manner that ensures the confidentiality and the anonymity of the student data.
  • Permission from school and/or district administration (according to school and/or district policy) must be obtained.
  • Tests must be completed by early October.

This study adheres to the research regulations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the guidance provided to researchers and Institutional Review Boards by the Office for Human Research Protections. MetaMetrics will work with your school/district if any additional information is needed for approval of your involvement in this study.

There are many benefits for your classroom’s participation in this research study. These benefits include:

  • Contributions to the general understanding about the earliest stages of reading
  • A $75 Barnes and Noble gift card for each teacher whose classroom participates in the study

To be considered in this research study, complete a short survey.

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