Fiscal guidance for federal grant programs released

The Maine DOE subrecipient monitoring committee has released its first draft of fiscal guidance to help federal grant subgrantees interpret and apply federal and State regulations. The fiscal guidance can be found on the Maine DOE Fiscal Review and Compliance site.

This document provides interpretation and State policy regarding the most common federal regulations that govern the use and management of federal funds. The fiscal guidance will be used to endorse monitoring expectations, compliance and consistency within all federal programs passed through Maine DOE. All programs that fall into this category are subject to monitoring and ensuring compliance with federal and State laws, regulations and policies.

Please note that the document is still in its draft stage and is subject to change. The Maine DOE subrecipient monitoring committee expects to add and revise the working document over the next several months. The document will be posted after revisions.

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  • Heather Neal
    Fiscal Review and Compliance Supervisor
    Maine Department of Education

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