Revisions to federal grant reimbursement system

Subrecipients were notified that starting Sept. 1, 2013 reimbursements will be subject to during-the-award monitoring through the federal grant reimbursement system.  This monitoring consists of uploading supporting documentation with invoices to provide evidence that the request for reimbursement is a reimbursement and is allocable, allowable, and reasonable and necessary under the federal grant award.

The first two months of this monitoring process has provided enough information for Maine DOE to make revisions to the newly-established process. Previously, subrecipients would receive a notice that their invoice have been selected for review and that they must upload all of their supporting documentation before they can submit their invoice.

Maine DOE has determined that process could become overly burdensome quickly for our subrecipients and our Department staff. The process has been revised so when an invoice is triggered for review, subrecipients will upload supporting documentation for up to five expenditures only. If the invoice is for more than five expenditures, subrecipients are now required to submit a detailed expenditure report. Maine DOE federal grant staff will review the invoice and detailed expenditure report and send a request to the subrecipient for supporting documentation for the items identified to be reviewed for compliance. Subrecipients will then need to submit a second upload to the invoice of supporting documentation for the identified items.

Maine DOE has recognized the need for more detailed guidance on uploading sufficient supporting documentation. Newly-revised guidance has been uploaded to the federal grant reimbursement system and the Maine DOE Supporting Documentation Guidance can also be found at the Federal Grant Management and Compliance section of our website.

Department staff are available to provide technical assistance or answer comments or questions regarding these changes.

Maine DOE is confident the revised process will result in more efficient and effective monitoring while not being overly burdensome for our subrecipients and Department staff.

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  • Heather Neal
    Fiscal Review and Compliance Supervisor
    Maine Department of Education

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