Schools invited to online MeCAS Science

The Maine DOE is pleased to offer schools an opportunity to participate in the online delivery of the Maine Comprehensive Assessment System (MeCAS) Science in Grade 11 from March 24-April 4 and in Grade 8 from May 3-16.

This initiative includes both a pilot assessment in January/February (Jan.  27- Feb.  14) and the operational assessments for Grade 8 and Grade 11 (dates listed above).

The goal of the pilot assessment is to confirm a school’s capability to deliver an online assessment both in terms of technological infrastructure and administrative capacity. Therefore, no scores from student work in this pilot assessment will be returned. Only those schools that participate in the 2014 January/February pilot or those schools that tested operationally online in 2013 will be eligible to participate in paperless testing for the MeCAS Science Grade 8 and/or 11 in 2014. Schools must express interest by Jan. 3.

This opportunity is particularly valuable because it prepares schools for the shift to full online administration of the MeCAS at Grades 8 and 11 in 2014-15.   As the State transitions to online testing in English language arts and mathematics in 2014-15, this provides yet another opportunity for schools to ensure their ability to deliver online assessment.

Schools interested in participating in the MeCAS Online Science Pilot – Grade 8 and/or 11 should contact Susan Fossett, Assessment Coordinator, at or 207-624-6775 no later than Jan. 3.

When emailing, please provide the following information:

  • The school name
  • Your name and position, email address, and phone number
  • Test Coordinator name, email address, and phone number
  • Technology Coordinator name, email address, and phone number
  • Indicate who will be the lead contact for your school
  • Grades expected to test (grade 8 and/or high school)
  • Approximate number of students (per grade) expected to participate in the pilot and operational test.

Schools can download a pilot requirement checklist and best practices for computer-based testing at:

Schools that have not previously completed the hardware survey for NECAP Fall 2013 will need to go to to complete the survey.

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