Rolling admissions for School Lunch Program

Households can apply anytime throughout the school year for meal benefits provided through their district’s School Lunch Program. A family may apply for any reason at any time, including a change in employment or household size, gaining guardianship of a child, or simply if they have never applied before. 

United States Department of Agriculture regulations ensure that information obtained from families through the application process are kept in the strictest confidence and if a student’s eligibility status is released to staff, the district will receive penalties for breaking the family’s confidence.

District food service directors, with administrative support, are encouraged to periodically send information home about the program to encourage students and their families to apply for meal benefits at this time.

Students who are eligible for free or reduced price meals at the end of the school year will remain eligible for the first 30 operating days of the next school year (typically mid-October.)

For more information, please contact Maine DOE Food Services Specialist Walter Beesley at 207-624-6875 or

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