School Facility Management System to go offline June 30

In an effort to reduce the burden of unfunded education mandates, the Legislature recently accepted the Department’s recommendation to repeal the requirement that the Maine DOE provide a facilities maintenance template and capital planning software to school units. Therefore, the School Facility Management System (SFMS) will no longer be available after June 30, the end date of the current contract with VFA, Inc., the software provider.

It is important that school administrative units (SAUs) extract their building information from SFMS prior to June 30, as there will be no access to your data after this date. It is highly recommended that SAUs run multiple data reports for their buildings covering all aspects of their buildings (assets, systems, requirements, etc.)

The requirement that SAUs establish and maintain a maintenance and capital improvement program for all school facilities remains in effect and the Department will continue to provide assistance by sponsoring training opportunities in the areas of maintenance and capital planning.

If you have any questions concerning this change, please contact Ann Pinnette at 207-624 6885 or

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