Maine ASCD hosts Pathways to Proficiency Spring Conference

Traveling from as far south as York and from as far north as Caribou, 135 educators attended the Maine Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Spring Conference in Brewer this week to network and learn from the efforts of their colleagues as they transition to proficiency-based education and proficiency-based diplomas.

Listed below were the sessions offered:

Learning Progressions: Game Changer for Proficiency-based Learning, RSU 75, Mt. Ararat Middle School, Courtney Belolan, Jon Beede, Bill Zima

A Hybrid Model: A Bridge from the Present to the Future, RSU 15, Gray –New Gloucester High School, Will Putnam, Laurie Brassard, Beth Schultz

Growing Proficiency Step by Step, RSU 57, Mary Bellavance, Deborah Harriman, Lori Lodge, Angela Madiagan, Kevin Perkins, John Davis

A 7th Grade Team’s Approach to Proficiency-Based Education Transparent Curriculum, RSU 2, Cindy Raymond, Libby Ladner, Mike Quinn, Amelia Clukey

Career Development in a Proficiency-Based Work Zone, RSU 16, Caroline Peinado

The Trellis to Proficiency, RSU 19, Anita Wright and Nicole Beaulieu

Tools of the Times: Examining Proficiency-Based Learning Through Tools Developed at King Middle School, Portland Public Schools, Karen MacDonald, Patricia Crowley-Rockwell

Proficiency-Based Simplified: Communicating with and Engaging Community Members, Great Schools Partnership, Angela Hardy, Mark Kostin

Leadership for Learning and Educational Transformation, Moderated by Daniel Joseph, Re-Inventing Schools Coalition. Panel members: John Davis, RSU 57, Shelly Mogul, Auburn Public Schools, Heather Perry, RSU 3, Bill Zima, RSU 75.

These conference sessions highlight district attention to evidence of student learning, and leadership and curriculum development that supports proficiency-based education.

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