Maine DOE announces preview period for Smarter Balanced digital resources

The Smarter Balanced Digital Library preview launched on June 3.These on-demand materials are aligned to the Smarter Balanced assessment targets and will be an important resource for Maine teachers to understand progress in student learning.

While currently available in a limited capacity, the library will eventually be expanded to include professional development materials to improve the quality of information collected through daily classroom activities. Together these assessment and professional development tools will provide a broad base of support for teaching and learning in English language arts and mathematics.

During the preview period from June 3- September 30, the Digital Library will be available in a limited scope and the primary goal will of the window will be to test the delivery of the software application. The library is a dynamic system that will continue to grow over the review period and beyond.

A user profile must be set up to access the resources in the digital library during the preview period. To do this, districts and schools should create an Excel spreadsheet with the first name, last name and email address of any potential user. Completed spreadsheets should be emailed to Bethany Dodge at

For additional information regarding the digital library or technical assistance, please contact Maine DOE’s Assessment Coordinator Susan Fossett at or 207-624-6775.

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