Funds to support proficiency-based diploma transition

Maine school administrative units (SAUs), that operate public schools, will receive targeted funds to support the transition to a proficiency-based diploma again this year.

Level of funding will be comparable to funding in the previous year. In September, the Maine DOE will distribute to each SAU a grant in the amount of 1/9th of 1 percent (.0011) of that SAU’s total cost of education (ED279 Section 5A Total Allocation), as calculated under the Essential Programs and Services (EPS) school funding formula. Under Maine law, the funds are to be spent “in the manner determined by the school administrative unit to fund the costs of the transition (to proficiency-based graduation) not otherwise subsidized by the State.”

The Maine DOE continues to serve as a resource to SAUs to support the transition to a proficiency-based diploma by 2018. Guidance and examples on ways this targeted funding may be used is available on the Getting to Proficiency section of the Department’s website.

For more information or technical assistance on making the transition to awarding proficiency-based diplomas, contact Maine DOE’s Standards-Based Education Specialist Diana Doiron at or 624-6823.

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