Districts must submit waiver affidavits for non-certified staff

Superintendents must now submit a Waiver Affidavit form for staff hired who do not hold the proper certification or endorsement required for the position. An Affidavit of Employment form must also be submitted for personnel being employed under a targeted needs certificate, conditional certificate, transitional endorsement or a one-year provisional extension. These forms are available at www.maine.gov/doe/cert/statutes/.

The Maine DOE will issue certificates requiring affidavits for personnel hired prior to March 1, 2016 for the 2015-16 school year according to the following:

  • Prior to Oct. 31: Certificates will be backdated to the date of hire.
  • Nov. 1-March 1: Certificates will be issued on the date of receipt.
  • March 1-31: Certificates will be accepted but the date of hire must be no later than March 1.
  • After March 31: No certificates requiring affidavits will be processed.

For more information visit the Maine DOE’s certification web page at www.maine.gov/doe/cert/.

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