PEPG Submittal Form available online Feb. 1

The Maine DOE is pleased to offer the 2016 PEPG Submittal Form to all school administrative districts. SAUs may start entering data into the form on Feb. 1 and attach their Performance Evaluation Professional Growth (PEPG) system plans directly to the online form.

Click here for the official 2016 PEPG Submittal Form.

Maine DOE has received positive feedback from SAUs regarding their readiness for implementation of their PEPG system as SAUs say the PEPG development grant monies and support helped jumpstart the effort.

Section 4 of Rule Chapter 180 requires Maine DOE provide feedback to SAUs within 30 days from the day of receiving a completed plan via submittal form as part of that feedback. The Department is required to notify SAUs what (if any) changes are needed in order for the plan to be approved. The Department will assist school administrative units in understanding options, and making changes to the system plan to bring it into compliance with Chapter 508 and Rule Chapter 180.

In addition to the grant funds, Maine DOE is offering four regional trainings on the use of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) in response to school district requests for professional development in that area. See the January 21 Commissioner’s Weekly Update inviting SAUs to a regional training near your district.

Maine’s ESEA flexibility waiver continues to be in effect until Aug. 1, 2016. The waiver requires all SAUs to develop and submit a plan for a PEPG system.

For more information, contact Maine DOE Educator Effectiveness Coordinator Charles Lomonte at