AP4ALL program ready for fall

Eleven of Maine’s AP4ALL instructors were in training last week, both in person and virtually. Instructors shared best practices with each other, prepared for the upcoming school year, and discussed strategies for supporting high school students who are gaining college credit online.

In the AP4ALL program, students earn college credit by taking advantage of the dual enrollment option offered through the University of Maine at Fort Kent or completing the course and earning a qualifying Advance Placement (AP) test score. AP4ALL provides online AP courses free to any student residing in a Maine school administrative unit who is educated at the public expense.

Mirroring national trends in the growth of online learning, enrollment in the AP4ALL program has grown significantly. In the 2007-08 school year, the program went from offering six courses with 44 enrollments, to eleven courses and 100 enrollments. This fall, AP4ALL will open with approximately 22 courses (17 of which have a dual enrollment option through the University of Maine Fort Kent) and over 500 enrollments.

To learn more about the program, click here or contact Digital Learning Specialist and AP4ALL Co-Coordinator Amanda Nguyen at amanda.nguyen@maine.gov or Project Assistant and Co-Coordinator Juanita Dickson at juanita.dickson@maine.gov.