New version of NEO Transportation to launch Oct. 28

A new version of the NEO Transportation application will launch Friday, Oct. 28. This release includes new features intended to make bus data management easier, a clean-up of features rolled out in the initial release, and an edit of features available to districts.

A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) link has been added to the home page of the transportation application. The FAQs provide instructions to guide people through correct steps and buttons to complete a function.  These FAQ instructions also describe some of the codes and statuses used in the new application.

The new transportation features include:

  • Only one way to add a vehicle into inventory (EFT-20 school bus purchase report)
    • In the past a purchase report could get down the wrong path and be marked in service before it was realized that the purchase information needed to be added. This potential error and submittal problem has been eliminated.
  • Vehicle information all on one screen (EFT-20 school bus purchase report)
    • One screen will contain the mileage and equipment data previously entered by the transportation manager and the purchasing information previously entered by the finance manager.  This makes data entry easier.
  • Additional vehicle and purchase statuses (EFT-17 school bus replacement request and vehicle inventory)
    • Several new statuses have been included to help indicate the exact status of a vehicle in inventory, a bus purchase request, or both.  District users can now see the status of each bus request as it moves through the School Bus Purchase Program process and see the status of a bus as it moves to disposal, transfer, or both. This makes the process easier for districts to implement.
  • Data entry edits
    • Several new edit buttons have been added to NEO Transportation screens.  Now districts will be able to correct their data entry errors and no longer need to request edits from Maine DOE.
  • Reports and downloads
    • Many district screens now have the ability to download and/or print data on the screen and new state reports can be found on the reports tab.  Data downloads and reports provide information for districts to plan budgets and inform school boards about transportation.
  • Improved navigation
    • The old version of the application seemed to experience navigation blocks.  This has been resolved making it easier for district users to complete and edit entries.
  • Automated e-mail notifications
    • The application will now send out e-mails when certain events occur, e.g.:   the superintendent will receive an email when a bus request is approved, the superintendent will receive an e-mail to confirm intent of the district to purchase a bus after the purchase has been approved by Maine DOE, the district finance manager will receive e-mails if EFT-20 school bus purchase reports are not entered on time during the purchase fiscal year, and Maine DOE will receive an e-mail when an emergency bus request is placed.
  • Automated removal of subsidy allocation if purchases are not completed
    • Bus purchases must be completed within the fiscal year for which the purchase was approved so that vehicle subsidy allocation can begin the fiscal year after a new bus is purchased.  If an approved bus purchase is not completed by submitting timely reports, the subsidy allocation will automatically be deleted.  This process will begin in fiscal year 2018.

Before you begin using the new version of NEO Transportation it is important that you consult the FAQ section in the transportation section on the NEO dashboard. Instructions are included with answers to the FAQs.

If you have questions about transportation policy, please contact Maine DOE’s Transportation and Facilities Administrator, Pat Hinckley, at