*Important Notice: Quarter 2 (Q2) review-due date approaches:

The quarterly report review, which includes truancy, behavior, ADA/ADM and bullying-are due January 15th.

Certification is not required for Q2.  Certification for each of the data sets, for each of these reports, will be obtained on the Quarter 4 (Q4) report.

Truancy and Behavior reviews are located in Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE):

ADA/ADM review reports are not yet available in ICSE: Reviews will not be required until Quarter 3 (Q3).  You are still asked to submit the student level data into ICSE for ADA/ADM. The MDOE needs the detail data elements in order to properly create reports for your review by Q3.

Bullying review is located in NEO:


All due reports are listed on the MDOE reporting calendar:


If you have difficulties navigating to ICSE or NEO call the Helpdesk at 624-6896 or email at medms.helpdesk@maine.gov

All quarterly reports are based on the following months and are cumulative:

  • Quarter One (Q1) – As of Oct 1 (to include July, August, Sept) – due Oct 28
  • Quarter Two (Q2) – As of Jan 1 (to include July through Dec) – due Jan 15
  • Quarter Three (Q3) – As of April 1 (to include July through March) – due April 15
  • Quarter Four (Q4) – As of July 1 (to include July through June) – due July 15