New Online System for Certification Available Soon

The Certification Team at the Department of Education is in the process of building an online portal for a new web-based credentialing system through Hupp Technologies. The system will be fully operational by the July 1st teacher, educational specialist and administrator renewal expiration date. 

One of the system’s highlights is the effortlessness teachers will have in creating an account, receiving notification that a renewal is waiting, and paying the renewal fee online. Other features include notifications for the teacher’s support system when a teacher is waiting for recommendation, and the ease of a chairperson to simply click ‘recommend’ to recommend the teacher for renewal. Thereafter, the certificate will automatically renew. Please note that training will be available soon.

The Certification Team is very excited to get the new system up and running. Although the adjustment period may present some anxiety, please be assured that no one will be left hanging. Allowances will be made if the system goes up later than expected and rules state that if a certificate is held up for any reason beyond the teachers’ control, then the previously held certificate is still valid.

For more information contact Ángel Martínez Loredo at 207-624-6603 or email