Mentoring workshop for educators of gifted and talented program

The Maine Department of Education will sponsor a mentoring workshop for new and experienced gifted and talented (GT) educators at the Division of Transportation (DOT) Building on 66 Industrial Drive in Augusta on September 14, 9am-3pm.

Workshop topics include: reviewing this year’s renewal application process, exploring identification tools, discussing curriculum options aligned with regular education initiatives, organizing and managing GT programs, evaluating program effectiveness, and discussing budget concerns.

The morning will consist of a workshop designed for teachers and administrators who are looking for information regarding this year’s renewal application process. The workshop will also provide a forum to discuss GT programming.

Depending on the needs of the participants, in the afternoon, attendees will be broken into two groups. One group will be educators who are fairly new to the field. They will continue their in-depth discussions on the topics listed above. The second group will be educators who have been in the GT field for a longer period and may have farreaching concerns and challenges. The mediator of this group, Lee Worcester PhD, asks that the advanced GT educators suggest a topic for the afternoon session by September 7 at or 943-8804.

To register by September 10th at: Due to the location, lunch and refreshments will not be provided.

For any questions regarding the workshop, contact Educational Consultants: Lee Worcester at or Patti Drapeau at