Comment period open for the Science & Technology science standards

The Maine DOE is announcing an open comment period for the Science & Technology science standards.  This is the first phase of opening Maine Learning Results for Science & Technology only.

The initial public comment period will be followed by the convening of a science review committee to scrutinize comments and existing standards in an effort to revise and improve science standards.  The science review committee will eventually put forth recommendations for revised science standards to the Department.  The Department will then prepare final updates to regulations and hold a public hearing before provisional adoption of the revised science standards.  Finally, the legislature will act on the substantive rulemaking process prior to its preparation for final adoption.

The Department’s methodology will be consistent with the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) rulemaking requirements.  To review the current (2007) Maine Science & Technology Learning Results, click here then click on “Download Science and Technology Standards”.

Please send any comments to with SCIENCE STANDARDS in the subject line.  The public comment period will end September 10, 2017 at midnight EDT.