FY17 EF-S-07 Opening for Data Entry on October 18th

The EF-S-07, Special Education Out of District Placement Tuition and Board report for Fiscal year 2017 will open for data entry on October 18, 2017  and will close for submission on November 18, 2017.

Districts that paid out of district placement tuition during FY17 school year are urged to compile the information before October 18 to be ready to complete the report when it opens as there is a short window for submission and approval this year.

There are a few changes to the NEO EF-S-07 form regarding the submission procedure. Special Service directors are to complete the EF-S-07 form and submit to the business director for reconciliation with the district’s NEO financials, business managers will certify that the information is correct and submit to DOE.  More information will be provided about the procedure in the coming days.

For more information please contact Stephanie J. Clark Fiscal Compliance Associate School Finance & Operations for the Department of Education at

207-624-6807 or Stephanie.Clark@maine.gov.