Synergy progress and updates

The Maine Department of Education is continuing to assist School Administrative Units (SAU) as October 1st student enrollment counts are being uploaded into the new Synergy State Edition Student System.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as the Department answers requests, resolves issues and continues to work through the transitionary period.

Below are a few updates and reminders as we move forward.

Reminder of policies:

All data must be entered by the primary enrollment school.

To help to prevent duplication issues, students with the same First name, Last name, and date of birth (DOB) will need to have stateids resolved manually through the Synergy system.

Students who are enrolled in another district (overlapping enrollments) need to be resolved between the two districts involved.

Once a student has been identified as an English Language learner (EL), the student cannot be exited from EL until he/she has tested out.  The Maine DOE now enters the exit date for the student, based on ACCESS For Els scores.  This resolves the issue of the student being incorrectly exited from EL.

Resolved issues:

  • Missing or mismatched language codes.
  • Inconsistencies with uploading student names that contain punctuation.
  • Segment range overlapping with existing special ed disabilities.
  • Districts are now able to obtain ids through uploads to resolve delays in obtaining a student id for new students.

Note: A webpage with known issues is being created to post new issues and resolutions to existing issues. Be on the look-out for further information.

To better assist district users and help save time, the Help Desk will post instructions for how Synergy users can update their own password within the system, more information will be forthcoming.

For further information and questions, please contact the Data Help Desk at 207-624-6896 or