New feature added to assist Helpdesk communicate known issues and system updates

The Department has added a new knowledgebase feature designed to communicate known issues and updates pertaining to our data systems (NEO/Synergy).  We hope this will provide those in need of help with a quick way to search and filter by issue or topic to find more information and possible resolutions.

The knowledgebase can be found on the Data Team Helpdesk page.

Column Heading Definitions:

Updates/Issues:  Is this a known issue that has been reported or is it a system updates such as a code change, etc.

System:  The Data System the issue is pertaining to such as NEO or Synergy.

Report/Upload:  The name of the specific report or upload within the system.

Issue:  Brief description of the actual issue reported or actual work done during the system update.  Note:  This field is hyperlinked and will display more information, including possible resolution, when clicked.

Description:  This is a detailed description of the issue reported or work done during the system update.

Priority:  Rating of Low, Medium, High or Completed.

Report to Helpdesk:  If the issue is marked with a Yes in this column, please contact the Helpdesk to provide more information specific to your school or situation.

Last Updated:  This is either the initial date the issue/update was entered or the last time information was updated for this specific record.

Please direct any questions to or (207) 624-6896.