PRIORITY NOTICE: Guidance for part I applications for regional service centers

The Maine Department of Education today released guidance concerning the establishment of regional service centers (School Management and Leadership Centers), informed by the 23 applicants who submitted part I conceptual proposals by the November 30, 2017 deadline.

In the letter sent to applicants, Commissioner Hasson reflects on the collaborative efforts involved in reaching this important milestone:

“While this marks only a first step in a multi-year journey to establish robust regional service centers, it is an important step, and represents many hours of hard work and local leadership,” wrote Commissioner Hasson. “Neither I nor my colleagues at the Maine Department of Education take this for granted, and we acknowledge the many emotions that accompany an undertaking of this nature. The emotions that I wish to convey today are gratitude, encouragement, and hope.”

Among the guidance issued by the Department were:

  • Determinations for 10 geographic areas, with guidance that more than one regional service center may be formed in each area;
  • Clarification on the state subsidy that will be available to each school administrative unit (SAU) that joins a successfully established regional service center; and
  • Feedback to each applicant including a determination as to whether each applicant met the minimum criteria to be considered as a regional service center for the 2018-19 school year and specific commentary and suggestions.

A copy of the general guidance is available at: Regional Service Center Part I Letter and Guidance.

The individual letters that include the specific feedback and determination in section VI will be posted to the EMBRACE Regionalization Information Center on Wednesday, December 20, 2017 in order to give applicants time to review and share with their proposed members the individual feedback and determination before posting by the Department.

For further questions about the EMBRACE Regionalization initiative contact Jennifer Pooler at