Further Work Permit Application Revisions

The Maine Department of Labor’s (MDOL) State of Maine Work Permit application has been revised as of 07/19/18. This additional change, since the most recent update about the work permit process, was necessary in order to protect certain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  In addition to this change, a second document must now be submitted along with the Work Permit. This second form is an Age Verification Form.  The Age Verification Form must be submitted to MDOL by one of the following methods only:

With the final changes to the permit application itself, the new version, which is absent any PII, may be sent by email (if sent by itself), or it can be included in a secure manner using the same process for and along with the new Age Verification Form.  It is important that your issuing officers support use of the new Work Permit Application and Age Verification forms, using the aforementioned modes of dissemination for managing each of the documents.

MDOL is committed to serving the citizens of Maine at the highest level and will continue to seek ways to streamline this process. We are confident that these additional efforts will ensure the safe transmission of this sensitive information and thank you for your assistance in the process.

Here are the links to the new documents:

If you have any questions regarding Work Permits or this new process, please call Rachel Bowler at 207-623-7930.