Free Books for Maine Schools Serving Grades 5-8

Maine’s Libra Foundation, founded by philanthropist Betty Noyce, has partnered with Tumblehome, Inc., an award-winning publisher of science-related books for children, to offer a “library box” of ten free books to every school in Maine that serves students in grades 5-8. Be on the lookout for an online survey coming to your superintendent or librarian. The survey will ask you to select ten science books and to answer a couple of other questions.

The survey is optional, but will help make sure you get the books you want. Among the recommended books are GEOLOGY IS A PIECE OF CAKE by Maine author and sixth grade science teacher Katie Coppens; novels and nonfiction; four winners of National Science Teacher Association/Children’s Book Council awards; and more. To learn more about Tumblehome, see

If you have questions, contact Shari Templeton