Senator King Visits LearningWorks Afterschool

Written and Submitted by Marci Dionne and Amy Pichette, LearningWorks Afterschool Program Directors. Photos by Molly Haley Photography.

Senator Angus King visited the LearningWorks 21st Century Community Learning Center Afterschool program in Biddeford on Friday, February 8th.

Six student leaders, their grandparents and parents met with the Senator and explained what they enjoy most about the after school program. Dillyn said “The program gives us a leg up in school.  We learn about engineering, science, and math.” Jayden explained the steps in the engineering design process to Senator King.  Kendra said, “We get to choose which club we join, either drama, prop and set design, science experiments, mask making or coding.”

Afterschool staff touched upon some of their favorite aspects of the program: the social and emotional growth and development of the students as well as access to new experiences and opportunities they would not have without the program.  These experiences build self-confidence, background knowledge, and help children aspire to learn and explore their world.