Maine Department of Education Shares Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals

During the transition of a new leadership team to the Department of Education, Commissioner Makin has actively sought input and guidance from the expert staff at the department, and from education professionals and other stakeholder groups, to inform our Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities.

In hearing the hopes and dreams of so many, and understanding the immensely important work that is being done in classrooms across our state, our Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities will serve as a continually evolving guide for the work of the Department of Education.

The Strategic Priorities have been used to set action steps for the various teams within the department, and we look forward to reporting back to the field periodically on our successes, and to seek input as we refine and align our work.


The people of Maine are lifelong learners served by an innovative, equitable, and learner-centered public education system that supports students – early childhood throughout adulthood – in achieving healthy, successful, and fulfilling lives that allow them to shape the future.


To promote the best learning opportunities for all Maine students by providing information, guidance, and support to our schools, educators, and leaders and by providing adequate and equitable school funding and resources.

Strategic Priorities for 2019-2021

  • Inspire TRUST in our organization, and in our public education system
  • Develop, support, and sustain a robust EDUCATOR WORKFORCE
  • Promote EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE and EQUITY for all Maine learners
  • Support a CULTURE of INNOVATION and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, led by all of the experts in the field