Back to School Backpack for Administrators!

As the students and staff arrive with their new, back to school items, we want to make sure that our administrators have what they need for a great new year, too!  The Department of Education has created a special “Back to School Backpack” for building and district leaders. In it, you will find resources that will help you with the climate, culture, inclusiveness and wellness of your schools and students, and a number of documents and ideas to consider for the new school year.  We encourage you to look through, and let us know how we can help you and your schools throughout the year!  Please be sure to sign up for our weekly updates, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, check out our expanding professional development offerings, send good news to us, and encourage your staff to join the content specific listservs by contacting the content specialist.

Grab your backpack, and have a great school year!