Maine DOE Update – August 30, 2019

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ADMINISTRATIVE LETTER: Legal Requirements to Provide English Language Acquisition Services to Students Who are English Learners

It is a federal requirement that all students who are English learners be identified within 30 days of enrollment from the beginning of the school year, or within two weeks of enrollment during the school year. | More

Maine DOE Releases Thank You Video to Educators with the Help of Special Friends

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) released a Back to School Thank You video just in time for the many teacher in-service days that are taking place all over the state this week, prior to Maine schools welcoming students back into the classroom for the 2019-2020 school year. | More

State Finalists Announced for 2020 Maine Teacher of the Year

Three Maine teachers have been announced as State finalists for the 2020 Maine Teacher of the Year. The finalists were chosen from the 2019 Maine County Teachers of the Year honored earlier this year at the Hall of Flags. | More

Regional Conversations Regarding Serving Children with Disabilities from Birth to 5 Years of Age

As most of you are aware, L.D. 1715, “An Act to Reorganize the Provision of Services for Children with Disabilities from Birth to 5 Years of Age” has been carried over to the next Legislative session. This bill proposes the transition of responsibility for special education services for preschool-age children from Child Development Services to the public schools. | More

Career and Education Development Standards Review- Writing Team

The Department of Education is performing a review of the Maine Learning Results for Career and Education Development and has openings on its writing team. The purpose of the writing team is to revise the current standards, based on guidance provided from a steering committee. For more information about the standards review process, check the new Maine DOE standards revision website. | More

Maine High School Students Can Still Apply for Early College Courses 

Maine students and their families still have one week to explore and apply for Early College courses at all of Maine’s Public Universities using the ExploreEC Portal.  The portal is new for the fall semester and classes start September 3rd.  UMaine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy welcomed students and their families to Orono today for an Early College Orientation and urged everyone to share the news that students throughout the state still have to apply now for fall Early College courses. | More

Pre-K for ME: Open-Source Curriculum

Maine DOE is proud to announce the release of Prek for ME, an open-source curriculum for preschoolers.  Developed in response to public prek teachers looking for an evidence-based, whole child, content integrated curriculum that is low cost, Prek for ME builds on the Boston Public Schools preschool curriculum and contains a comprehensive program, including outdoor learning and technology activities appropriate for young children. | More

Get to Know the DOE Team: Meet Stephanie Clark

Maine DOE team member Stephanie Clark is being highlighted this week as the part of a Get to Know the DOE Team campaign! Learn a little more about Stephanie. | More

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