PRIORITY NOTICE: Guidance for Governor’s Executive Order Regarding Employees in Maine’s Public Schools

Guidance for Governor’s Executive Order Regarding Employees in Maine’s Public Schools

Where can I read the Executive Order?  The Executive Order is here.

To whom does this Executive Order apply? School administrative units (SAUs) including charter schools, CTE programs, Education in the Unorganized Territory (EUT), magnet schools, and Child Developmental Services (CDS).

Are school employees expected to work? Yes. This order is based on our collective expectation that both salaried and hourly employees are available and continuing to work and to provide urgently needed services for schools and the students they serve.

What are the implications for staff members paid by federal funds?  Please see the guidance we posted on March 18, 2020.  It can be found here.

Does the work need to be performed onsite in order to be paid? No.  Administrators may work with staff to determine some tasks that can be done remotely (putting packets together for kids, helping teachers in what they are doing, outreach, etc.). This may vary in each setting, depending on needs and resources. Work onsite should follow updated guidance for hygiene. Check DOE website.

What if an otherwise healthy staff member has been asked to self-quarantine or is in a shared living situation with someone who has been asked to self-quarantine or is sick?  They could be given tasks to be completed at home when possible and appropriate, and would continue to be paid.

What if a staff member is able and available to work, but there is no work (or limited work) for them to do? Staff members should remain on call and ready to work as opportunities and needs arise. Work offered should be something the staff member is able to perform, and staff and supervisors should have a conversation about any limitations and any support that might be needed. This is likely to be a long-term situation, and schools are likely to require different tasks to be completed at different times. These staff members should continue to receive pay, based on most recent schedule prior to the COVID-19 related emergency and individual contracts.

Where is this money coming from?  State, federal, and local resources have been appropriated and allocated to cover staffing costs for the full 2019-2020 school year.