Early Child Care and Public Preschool Providers Caring for Children Birth-5 – No Cost Professional Development Training

Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN) will once again offer free professional learning opportunities focused on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and resilience building. MRBN offered this training in the fall of 2019 and is now offering 6 more sessions virtually between April 21-June 2, 2020. This learning opportunity is funded through the Preschool Development Grant, a collaboration between Maine Departments of Education and Health and Human Services.  These new sessions are open for Pre-K and child care educators, as well as other staff working with this population, to strengthen their role in supporting children and families.

Strong Kids, Strong Families, Strong Communities: The Impact of ACEs and Resilience Building will bring together childcare and public Pre-K professionals to learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences research, early brain development science, the effects of toxic stress on social emotional learning and protective factors including positive relationships.   This training will provide an understanding of how adverse experiences at a young age can affect a person’s emotional and behavioral development. Participants will also hear suggestions for how to support the individual and family and learn classroom strategies including the practices of mindfulness, compassion and co-regulation.

In the fall of 2019, the training was offered in 12 sites across the state to early childhood educators working with children up through Pre-K. Through the evaluation, participants shared that they learned strategies to build stronger connections and relationships with children and families, to be more compassionate and less judgmental, and to be better prepared for stressful situations.  They felt they had a better understanding and awareness of where children are “coming from” and to think about what happened to the child as opposed to what is wrong with the child.  One participant commented that “All professionals who work with children should attend.”

Registration is required

Date/Time Registration Link
April 23, 2020   6-8pm https://maineresilience.org/event-3790527
April 28, 2020   9-11am https://maineresilience.org/event-3799333
May 4, 2020   2-4pm https://maineresilience.org/event-3799347
May 12, 2020   9-11am https://maineresilience.org/event-3799366
May 21, 2020   6-8pm https://maineresilience.org/event-3799397
June 2, 2020    6-8pm https://maineresilience.org/event-3799412

For more information, contact Karen Bergeron, PDG Director, Maine Department of Education

Karen.j.bergeron@maine.gov  207-446-3754 or Info@maineresilience.org